About us

Mini Bluetooth Plus is an online shop owned by What The Duece LLC, focused on providing fun, innovative, handy bluetooth products for all consumers. We are dedicated to providing some of the latest designs and technology in Bluetooth.

Our primary goal is to provide merchandise that will make your life more comfortable and easy. We are committed to providing high quality goods, excellent customer service and innovation. We have a passion for trendy unique items, and for this reason we strive to select products that best reflect that characteristic.

We provide FREE SHIPPING and a 90 day WARRANTY on all of our products. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and will respond to your needs or issues within 1 business day. We want to make sure you are provided top customer service whether you are a tech savvy person or someone buying their first Bluetooth device and looking for step-by-step guidance.

Simplicity, Speed, Attention, and Affordability is how we strive to keep our customers happy. Mobile devices have become crucial in our everyday lives, and bluetooth devices help with fully utilizing their potential. Providing you with easy to use bluetooth devices at an affordable price, fast, helps us to facilitate to you engaging products that will make you happy.